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This is the first attempt at music selection. Really wanted something reminiscence of Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Part 4," but without the lyrics and more obvious optimism. I would like to throw the challenge to some of my hungry music-making friends to see if anyone can give me something by the end of the day that they would accept $50 for the rights to use (non-exclusively). I would like to be able to tell them it is for ConExpo, for the Leica booth and a huge marketing push, and I would like to tell them about the sweepstakes. I wanted to make sure that imparting this much information to rock and roll friends of mine would be okay. If you would rather, just let me know if any of the songs in this bin would be inappropriate. Are there any that you really like? I dig the Love Revolution... Not sure if it is the right ambiance, though. Talk to you soon! Ginnyann

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