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Steam Trains SD


[b]Steam Trains[/b] This clip bin contains live footage from historic, but still working steam trains and other historic means of railway transportation. All clips are originally shot in SD format or downconverted from HD. Entire sub-clipbins have been dedicated to clips of the Steam Train [i][link]/index.php?page=search&ps=2&q=clipbin:12964 Der Feurige Elias [binicons]12964 h 6 icon[/binicons][/link][/i] [i][link]/index.php?page=search&ps=2&q=clipbin:15969 Das Sofazügle [binicons]15969 h 6 icon[/binicons][/link][/i] and the Steam Train [i][link]/index.php?page=search&ps=2&q=clipbin:12966 Die Schwarzwaldbahn [binicons]12966 h 6 icon[/binicons][/link][/i] This Clip Bin is part of Varius' [b][link]/index.php?page=search&ps=2&q=clipbin:1518 TRANSPORTATION SD[/link][/b] Clip Bin. Here are a few examples of this larger bin: [binicons]1518 h 6 icon[/binicons] Steam Train clips in HD format can be found in the [i][link]/index.php?page=search&ps=2&q=clipbin:12952 Steam Train HD clip bin [binicons]12952 h 6 icon[/binicons][/link][/i]

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