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Long Beach Grand Prix 2011 Sound Tracks


This bin contains matched sound tracks by numerical ID to video clips found in the Long Beach Grand Prix 2011 Video bin. To match the sound track to the video clip, simply reference the trailing ID number in each description to the matching clip. There are two types of video clip formats, so keep and eye out for that as well. (1920x1080 - 30p listed as "1080p..." or 1280x720-60p some for slow motion listed as "720p...") Clips that are in 720p slow motion DO NOT offer a matching sound track. Simply match up the resolution (1080p or 720p) in the title along with the unique ID for each clip. [link] See the video clip bin here[/link] or select videos by the individual clip here: [binicons]149547 h 200 icon[/binicons]

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Total Clips: 164
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