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Xinjiang - China


Kashgar, Hotan, Urumqi, Karakul lake, majestic mountains, this clip bin contains some of the most diverse videos originating in China's far Western province, Xinjiang. Xinjiang is officially an autonomous region and is governed by the People's Republic of China. There is, however, much 'debate' about the legitimacy of the ruling party over this part of the country. The original population, the Uyghur people, claim independence and argue China invaded 'East Turkestan'. China's government, on the other hand, says the province belongs to the motherland. The area therefore often witnesses racial and religious unrest, the 2009 Urumqi attacks being the largest example of this. This clip bin contains a wide variety of videos, including daily life scenes, busy traffic in cities, beautiful natural landscapes, both time lapse and regular, buzzing markets, destroyed old quarters, traditional lifestyle, and much more.

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