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Antique cartridge guns are highly sought by collectors and shooters. Ardent collectors scour gun shows, newspaper classified advertising, and the Internet searching for choice specimens. Antique firearms can be divided into two types: muzzleloading and cartridge firing. Muzzleloading antique firearms are not generally owned with the intent of firing them (although original muzzleloaders can be safely fired, after having them thoroughly inspected), but instead are being owned as display pieces or for their historic value. Cartridge firing antique firearms are more commonly encountered as shooting pieces, but most antique cartridge guns made from the 1860s through the 1880s were made with relatively mild steel and were designed to use black powder. antique, armed, cabinet,, collection, collector, danger, dangerous, deadly, defence, display, firearms, gun, guns, handgun, handguns, living, nra, nut, old, pistol, pistols, proud, relic, revolvers, rifles, room, shotgun, son, sword, weapon, weapons,8mm,8,super,16mm,film,vintage,home,movie,style,nostalgia,memories,old,classic, antique,mm,kodachrome,retro,flashback,footage,grain,era,projection,dust,scratches,flic ker,dust,americana,

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