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Vintage Children with Guns


Each year, there are 34,000 gun-related deaths in the U.S. How many of those dead are children, and has that number increased in the last few years? Here are the facts. Safety expert Gavin de Becker found out while researching his books, The Gift of Fear and Protecting the Gift, that: Every day, about 75 American children are shot. Most recover — 15 do not. The majority of fatal accidents involving a firearm occur in the home. Gunshot wounds are the single most common cause of death for women in the home, accounting for nearly half of all homicides and 42 percent of suicides. An adolescent is twice as likely to commit suicide if a gun is kept in the home. More teenage boys in America die from gunfire than from car accidents. Gunshot wounds are now the leading cause of death for teenage boys in America (white, African-American, urban, and suburban).

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