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Fire SD


[b]FIRE:[/b] This clip bin contains footage that deals with the ancient element of FIRE. Everything from a match and candle to a bonfire or even larger fires - everything that conveys the concept of this dry and hot element. All clips in this bin have been originally shot in SD format or downconverted from HD. This Clip Bin is part of Varius' [b][link]/index.php?page=search&ps=2&q=clipbin:1571 NATURE SD[/link][/b] Clip Bin. Here are a few examples of this larger bin: [binicons]1571 h 6 icon[/binicons] Fire clips in HD format can be found in the [i][link]/index.php?page=search&ps=2&q=clipbin:1697 Fire HD clip bin [binicons]1697 h 6 icon[/binicons][/link][/i]

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Total Clips: 63
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