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Smoke abstracts HD


[b]Smoke abstracts:[/b] This clip bin contains colourful abstract footage based on moving, dissolving, drifting smoke and fumes. Live and time shifted footage, both unedited and postworked. All clips in this bin have been originally shot in HD format. This Clip Bin is part of Varius' [b][link]/index.php?page=search&ps=2&q=clipbin:10333 LIVE ABSTRACTS HD[/link][/b] Clip Bin. Here are a few examples of this larger bin: [binicons]10333 h 6 icon[/binicons] Smoke abstracts clips in SD format can be found in the [i][link]/index.php?page=search&ps=2&q=clipbin:17240 Smoke abstracts SD clip bin [binicons]17240 h 6 icon[/binicons][/link][/i]

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Total Clips: 28
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