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Children Music Collection


Dreamy and hopeful children music. Tender fairy tale, delicate childish lullaby underscore. Ethereal, peaceful and sweet fantasy soundtrack. Also best for bedtime stories background, Ethereal and light comforting composition in kids production, new born and infant birthday Keywords: softness, child, family, relaxing, pastoral, hope, mother, dreaming, nighttime, reflective, sleeping, nostalgic, pensive, gentle, young, angelic, morning, childhood, loving, care, holding, wholesome, magical, emotional, schmaltzy, fall asleep, dreamy, peaceful, positive, optimistic, mellow, light, hopeful, serene, sentimental, soothing, romantic, bright, calm, good night, music, underscore, delicate, tender, lullaby, fairy tale, fantasy, sweet, ethereal, content

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Total Clips: 170
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