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Crowds, street, 720p 50-60 fps (!!!)


Here you may see videos with people crowds in all seasons. The day time, different actions, REAL TIME, and TIME LAPSES. Sometimes used profi lighting. ***THIS IS A SPECIAL BIN WITH ONLY 50-60 FPS (PAL-NTSC) 720p VIDEOS!*** There are other bins with clips containing people! Look throught other my public media bins: "All clips with people" "Crowds in the street (day time)" "Crowds in the street (night time)" to find out any scene with people you need AND OTHER CROWDS VIDEOS in FULL HD 1080p PAL and NTSC CAPTURE. All clips are filmed with Canon EOS 60D and top-class lenses. The new videos to this bin arrive regulary.

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Total Clips: 42
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