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Chongqing is a major city in Southwest China and one of the five national central cities in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The municipality was created on 13 March 1997, succeeding the sub provincial administration that was part of Sichuan province. In late 2010 the municipality had a population of nearly 30 million, although the urbanized area is estimated to have around 7 million inhabitants. The city is often described as a role model for other major cities in central and Western China. It is now one of the fastest growing urban areas in China. Plans to connect Chongqing to other Chinese cities, further down the Yangtze river, may eventually turn the municipality into the largest urban sprawl in the world. This bin contains clips made around Chongqing. There are, among others, videos relating to economic growth, traffic, urbanization, disappearing old quarters, aerial shots, transportation, and time lapse videos.

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