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Actress - Bobbi Jeen Olson


Bobbi Jeen Olson - Model, Actress, and "Western Character" and stunt woman. A true professional in all respects. Bobbi Jeen has years of experience and has been in several well known shows and movies from Walker, Texas Ranger starring Chuck Norris to The Hi-Lo Country starring Woody Harrelson. She has been in PBS documentaries such as Gunfighters of the West as well where she played Etta Place to the more modern genre of music videos. This "shooter" had the privilege of working with her on a western wear commercial recently where I was the cinematographer, shot in Tombstone, AZ. Bobbi is always available for projects of any scope and size. Learn more about Bobbi Jeen here at [link] Bobbi Jeen's website[/link] or by contacting me via sitemail on Pond5.

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