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Hi Resolution Still Sequences


These are high resolution still sequences that in some cases could be considered stop motion photography. In the case of storm footage, particularly lightning storm footage from the monsoon seasons, this is deliberate as only this way can one get a crisp and clear image of a lightning strike. All lightning strikes have fingers or whiskers, however, due to the speed of these strikes, video cams only get the main bolt. Boring. Capturing lightning bolts is an art in itself and can be very dangerous. Make no mistake, that I as a cinematographer take every precaution to be safe during such events. If you are not sure on this topic, then simply put, don't attempt to do it. I have experience and even with that said, have still had some close calls. So if you attempt to do this type of photography, cinematography, please be careful and if unsure of your self or your knowledge about lightning and storms, then simply abstain from even trying. It is cheaper to purchase the clips here than it is to risk your life.

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