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Haboobs Chubascos Sand Storm Dust Devils


Chasing a Haboob (Arabic) - Chubasco (Spanish) or Sand Storm from Tucson to Phoenix on July 12th, 2013 - A variety of shots, locations and POV's. Extreme weather of this nature is somewhat rare. Although in the last few years has occurred more frequently. These storms grow to extreme heights. This particular one is estimated to have reached approximately 15,000 ft. (5000 meters) touching the clouds. Caused by extreme heavy rain during the monsoon season, these typically start in the south and head north through the Sonoran Desert from Tucson to Phoenix and beyond in Arizona. Lightning and of course the Haboob itself are some of the side effects of these powerful downpours as the rain generates the wind needed for this to occur.. Dust Devils are a phenomenon found in the SW desert regions of the US. Some can grow to the size of small tornado's and cause just as much damage, particularly to car windshields.

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