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Bangkok Thailand Riots 2010


Protesters Riot against Soldiers, Bangkok Street protests on April 10, 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand have turned violent leaving at least 21 dead and hundreds wounded.  Pro-democracy Red-shirt protesters fought it out with soldiers throughout Bangkok as the military tried to push the protesters out of the city.  Clashes also took place at the Thai Military 1st Army Base.  Thai Military reported casualties of 50 wounded when a gas cylinder exploded.  Another 50-60 soldiers suffered from gun shot wounds.  Thai soldiers had used potentially deadly plastic bullets and tear gas canisters which was met with return fire.  One additional soldier was wounded in a helicopter as it flew over the protest area.  Red-shirt casualties were also high during the clash and wounded number several hundred due to powerful arsenal they confronted.  Many of the wounded Red-shirts were women and children. Riot, Protest, Police, Politics, violence, crowd, chaos, public order, protestor, protest, anti-government, burning, smoke, war, disaster, damaged, crime, burnt, burning, civil unrest, broken, street

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