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Castles, Manors, Churches SD


[b]Castles, Manors, Churches and Monastries:[/b] This clip bin contains live footage from touristic sites usually of historical interest: Castles, Churches, Monastries and other feudal and clerical buildings. All clips are originally shot in SD format or downconverted from HD. This Clip Bin is part of Varius' [b][link]/index.php?page=search&ps=2&q=clipbin:13665 TRAVEL SD[/link][/b] Clip Bin. Here are a few examples of this larger bin: [binicons]13665 h 6 icon[/binicons] Castles, Manors, Churches clips in HD format can be found in the [i][link]/index.php?page=search&ps=2&q=clipbin:1539 Castles, Manors, Churches HD clip bin [binicons]1539 h 6 icon[/binicons][/link][/i]

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Total Clips: 94
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