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Steven H Mark

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Company NameApplause Audio Video Services
LocationArlington TX
Member Since4 Jun 2012
I am a veteran composer producer writing in a myriad of styles, primarily for film/video cues. I do most of my work out of a well-equipped project studio in my home but occasionally work in local studios for projects requiring large instrumental or vocal ensembles.

I studied music theory, composition and arranging at Berklee College of Music , University of North Texas, and Central University of Iowa. I have been composing and arranging songs most of my life and currently have over 30 years experience as a producer / engineer.

So what makes my music unique? I think it's a combination of things...the passion with which I approach my work, my ability to harness my inspiration when the mood strikes, and the ability to create musical textures that invoke strong images. I consciously avoid building walls around my writing style or artificially defining what my writing style should be. With great freedom comes great inspiration and great music.
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