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About Me
Having had a 2 year partnership in a recording studio in London, England, Robert Guerrier made the transition to composing and producing his own music.
Now living in Northern Virginia he writes and produces all his own work with the support of his beautiful wife Arlene and their two cats Chucky and Rafa.
He continues to have music placed on all the major networks and ongoing deals with TV/Film production houses in the UK, Canada and the US.
Courteous and with a great sense of customer service he delivers music to the client on time and within budget.
Custom music is his specialty as more and more production houses require that little extra.
As can be seen from the wide range of music in his audio box at he loves to challenge the boundaries of his creativity.
He invites you to peruse his website, email, or call him for further information as to how he can help you with your music requirements.
Thank you for listening.