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Los Angeles, CA
About Me

The mantra that resonates through d.C.'s body. A transmission of raw emotions translated through his hands and conveyed out into the world. The product of his hard work, dedication and hours on end given to his craft. Music.

Making a name for himself hasn't been an easy task but d.C. is constantly putting in work in the independent arena. He has produced for numerous emcees: Mean Doe Green, NYOIL, Fokis, Darkim Be Allah and Pennjamin Bannekar among others. "He's got his own style. You can hear certain influences in his music but there's definitely a uniqueness to his sound." Says Matthew Kaplan former studio manager at Quad Studios in New York. In his pursuit to build a name for himself, d.C. has gotten placements on a variety of TV Shows: Battleground Earth, Emeril Green, Luke's Parental Advisory, MTV2 Hip-Hop Countdown, NBA Access, Total Wrecklamation and placed in the top 3 for the Dynamic Producer x Common Remix competition.

As d.C. puts it, "not to sound cliché, but I'm just tryin' to make music that inspires people. The world is a beautiful place and making music is the only way I see fit for me to add to its beauty."