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I'm a camera operator/editor based in Beijing. I have experience in documentaries, corporate videos and stock footage as a producer, director, camera operator and editor. I have an extensive network of creatives and professionals throughout China, from sound operators to soundtrack scoring.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any production requirements in China.

Some of my selected Clip Bins:

video clip 263762video clip 148566video clip 263760video clip 148135video clip 284252

video clip 372477video clip 372524video clip 371043video clip 371015video clip 365762

video clip 262667video clip 284697video clip 284740video clip 262651video clip 262670

video clip 288970video clip 289482video clip 288344video clip 289428video clip 290185


Office Life
video clip 284668video clip 262652video clip 262651video clip 262655video clip 272439
Modern Buildings
video clip 148042video clip 265705video clip 284252video clip 267738video clip 284312
video clip 263751video clip 263755video clip 263648video clip 263645video clip 266911
video clip 267595video clip 267500video clip 267588video clip 267578video clip 267582
video clip 147912video clip 265730video clip 290665video clip 371018video clip 371034
Clouds & Sky
video clip 265705video clip 265725video clip 266731video clip 246297video clip 371039
video clip 272415video clip 272481video clip 272443video clip 272432video clip 198559
Health & Beauty
video clip 265740video clip 266717video clip 265736video clip 265745video clip 266719
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