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About Me
I try to produce the highest quality stock video with full gradability and maximum latitude. All stock is uploaded in ProRes* to ensure the highest possible quality. Every shot is made with composition and artistic flare guided by technical excellence. Special techniques are used to capture the most possible stops of light and reduce noise to an extremely low minimum. Care is taken to preserve as much detail as possible. All shots are crafted by me, no one else. Color is kept in check to preserve the dynamics of the shot from the field. I put a lot of pride and care into my product.

*Earlier shots in my profile represent my learning curve. They are not on the same level of quality that I strive to produce now.

Completed BSIT from WGU. Have an in depth knowledge of After Effects. Have an in depth knowledge of AutoCAD, 3D graphics, Photoshop, Gimp, Inventor, CAD, Design and am a PC power user. Working on perfecting my composition skills and technical skills at the same time. Have completed multiple projects. Have my own equipment and software. Have ‘gun’, will travel. I am using the Panasonic GH4 and DS1 gimbal.