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Roman Grischuck

Company NameRomix Fly
LocationCrimea, Yalta, Hurzuf, st. 60 years USSR 24/34
Member Since24 Apr 2011
Roman V. Grischuk, who is also Romix Fly, was born May 8, 1986 in the sunny city of Yalta. From early childhood, handed signs to the abilities in music, but the path to the extended long ...

The first occupation was dancing, it went somewhere for 2 years and after much thought, not all the same music took its ... In 2000 he enrolled in music. school for the specialty "percussion instruments, keyboards were an additional instrument. After graduating from music. School was a great desire to play in a band, but this possibility was not, but the music still wanted to write ...

After a while (since 2004) started writing electronic music, immersed in club culture. This has contributed a great interest in electronic music, and understanding of one fact, "It's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle!
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