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Denys Solovianchyk
Member Since31 May 2011
Audio and architecture studio Vacuum Tube Sound Rec. created for musicians by musicians. Long experience of the studio founders and members gives an option to be on the wavelength of musicians, recording engineers, sound designers. We understand not only your wishes, we are living in the same world, a world full of sounds, their tones and overtones, in the world where harmonics and reverberation are revived. The thing is that we are musicians, sound engineers, composers, audio engineers, audiophiles, music lovers, and above all – professionals sincerely loving the music and only the high fidelity sound.

It's no secret that the sound has an analog nature that is precisely why all the creative projects of the Vacuum Tube Sound studio are produced exceptionally by means of hardware devices. Moreover, the name of the company says for itself – we strongly appreciate tube equipment of both Golden Age and up-to-date hi-end solutions. Our studio is constantly improving, we involve not only talented musicians, we work with people who live within music and think by exceptionally music concepts.

All the stages of creating sound are essential for us. Short beep sound that you can hear in iPhone application or fuff in your promo/visual are in fact the result of tremendous creation: it starts with a deep understanding conception and comprehension of that you would like to hear then it follows a long way professional recording, sometimes we even have to run in search of the sound in the streets. At the stage of finishing and mastering, we pay attention to such details, which are often neglected by modern professional audio recording studios – pure power to every piece of equipment, vibration isolation of each component, the technical upgrade of devices (replacement of capacitors, tube rolling), room acoustic treatment, elimination of parasitic effects, selection of cables, etc.

When it comes to creating comprehensive music we can confidently assert that we work only with talented musicians able of creating an admirable sound canvas. All this, as well as experience, talent, and enthusiasm of the studio team give us the right to assert that we are creating a top class product. The product, which will be heard and perceived exactly the way required by the corresponding environment, a product that embraces ideas clear and common to everyone, where everything else is mechanics we implement at the level beyond the reach for our colleagues and competitors.

The main focus of the studio nowadays is digital distribution and production of intellectual, experimental music and audio production (samples, loops, patterns, intros, outros, corporate music, nature/urban sound and much more).

We sell music of our performers at the largest and most popular world portals - iTunes (worldwide), Beatport, Amazon and at even more than three hundred services.

Along with the digital distribution of tracks and albums, we are producing and selling both high-grade audio products (soundtracks for advertising, documentary and feature films, computer games and applications for the Android market, Apple Store, Bada store, etc) and micro audio (samples and theme sample packs for electronic music, computer games, applications, etc., loops, patterns, vocal and verbal elements).

Music for us is not only the perfect art, but also ultra-precise science, we view the compositions under a microscope breaking down into the full range of components, creating herewith the more emotional song, increasingly complete, more exciting, and perhaps, sometimes even in the prejudice of its academicism…
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