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New Content Highlights, 5/30/18


More current Kilauea, Hawaii eruption footage (10), Archival Hindenburg airship disaster 1937 (1), Green Screen footage (559), Archival, 1970's boys playing basketball (20), Hollywood walk of fame stars (596), Oil Platform (5), Camel in the desert (5), Aerial footage of Wisconsin Suburb houses (54), Underwater (98), Washing Cat (38), Hospital Patient (25), Revolutionaries with guns in Texas - New Black Panthers - Current Events (20), Fruit (20), Waterfall (5), GovernmentFootage - 1399 archival clips from the Department of Defense archives showing various military operations - 400 archival clips from National Archives library featuring U.S. presidents such Johnson, Reagan, JFK, Nixon or Bush. Notable events Nixon’s funeral, FK & Jackie in Dallas, JFK’s funeral, Reagan in Berlin, Reagan reacting to AIDS, attempted assassination of Reagan, Reagan and vice president Bush (with wifes) visiting Reagan’s ranch, Bush reacting to 9/11 aftermath, twentiethcenturyarchives - 774 archival clips showcasing a variety of world curiosities from the family TV show You Asked for It (1950s-1983), Vintage NYC street scenes, poor neighborhoods, Bronx (80) - EXCLUSIVE