Curated Collection

New Content Highlights, 6/13/18


Recording session/music production (40), more Kilauea eruption (60), vintage Bahamas sport - fishing and scuba diving (60), US Coast Guard crew training, eating, etc (100),Women - business and lifestyle footage (360), Japan nature (12), Cgi particles (125), Domestic animals, farming (100), Italy aerials (100), Girl NYC (50), The Last Two Days (covering President Kennedy’s trip to Texas), The World Mourns: John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Funeral Services for President John F. Kennedy, November 1963 (180) / Inauguration - President Richard M. Nixon (55) / President Ronald Reagan meeting w/ First Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev (117) / multiple R. Reagan appearances (sometimes w/ VP G. Bush), discussing the Soviet Union, Martin Luther King, AIDS, space program (503) / Alaska in the 60s (100) / random Universal Newsreels, featuring the Beatles or celebrities during WWII (23)