Curated Collection

Foreground Foliage


We offer both CGI and live-action foreground foliage plates. <br/><br/> <strong>Our CGI plates</strong> are being produced species-by-species, in a variety of seasons (leaf count and colour), wind strengths (trace breeze to gusty wind) and camera positions. <br/><br/> They loop seamlessly, are rendered at DCI 4K/24fps and vary in length. <br/><br/> <strong>Our live action plates</strong> are 30-seconds long, 30fps, do not loop and have embedded alpha channels. <br/><br/> The clips are easy to use: drop them over your footage. Position, scale and rotate. Add some blur to enhance the foreground/depth of field effect. Depending on the lighting in your footage, you may also wish to desaturate and darken our plates. <br/><br/> Note: these 1080P HD clips work <em>very</em> well scaled up 200% for 4K work, with only a slight (and desirable) blurring of the foliage occurring as a result. <br/><br/> <strong>Our older plates</strong>, which use in-file transparency masks, are being reworked to use embedded alpha channels, and should be online by the end of September 2020.