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Recent years have seen some serious cross polinations of the musical genres, jazzpunk, crunk, ska punk, nu rave and rapmetal. Okay, so maybe not so much the last one but you get the idea. It seems that the more genres you can get into your musical arsenal the better your music, but Tchaikovsky influenced-indie-rock crossed with flamenco guitar flourishes and jazz leanings? Seriously? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Black and white Tango. Combining vaudevillian dancehall elements with alternative rock. From the ghostly and grandiose piano courtesy of Jamie intro on "The Ballet" that shows definate influences from the spacey pianos of Muse ("don't ask Jamie about muse!" Tom had warned me earlier) or "Cosmic Love" which slides and blends seemlesly from rock to techno rock through a classical piano solo. It shouldn't suprise you then to find out that bands unique musical vision took over a year to perfect " We didn't gig for the longest time" explains drummer Andy "it was a year before we had our first gig, and although we had a few songs we were experimenting more with sounds then anything. It takes you out of the loop of all the music going around and that's good because it gives you a chance to develop your own sound without sounding like everyone else on the scene" "It just gave us a chance to make music that sounded good to us" agrees frontman Tom "I didn't want to play a gig and then the time came, I can't remember when and I just felt ready" Another group that crops up in descriptions of Black and White Tango are Radiohead , and although certain elements do seem to owe a debt to Thom Yorke and his crew the similarty is more in the bands willingness to push themsleves and do something unexpected and groundbreaking."I don't think it's because we sound like but more because we are trying to do something like them" agrees guitarist and backing vocalist Adam. Like their music the bands name was deliberated on for a long time until one was finally settled upon "Our name represents the imagery we try to present in our music. Our first song the Ballet was originally called Black and White Tango because it conjured up an image of a black and white movie, the contradiction between the two colours" explains Tom "and I guess that also reflects the different types of music we play with each song. I try to tell a story with each song rather then writing about life and relationships, It's like writing music for a film" Unlike most bands combining musical genres, Black and White Tango are constantly searching for more elelements to incorporate into their music. "our new song is salsa influenced" comments Tom "I Think the song were most proud of is always the next song we are working on, the newest of the bunch and seeing were we can take it next"