Footage for Commecial needed

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    steveintro 24 Aug 2012 18:49
    Thanks in advance for your assistance. We are looking for footage that matches the feel and tone of three reference images linked below. Included we have descriptions of of the shots and our desired result.

    We're looking at three vignettes:

    1. Hyper Connected

    This is the image of the woman shopping. Something along these lines would be great, but ultimately BEST case scenario would be someone in a modern-looking apartment taking a product out of a shipping box of some sort- as in they just received their item in the mail. If not, we'll go with the shopping in the actual store. But person needs to be "hip" in either scenario.

    The clients really love this shot of the mall so anything that resembles this- with the depth, pillars and composition.

    3. Jeans/Product Shot
    Ultimately, they would love it if it started off wide and pushed into the jeans, but we'll take what we can get if it's already a close up lock off. Just needs to be clear that it's a store. If it's not Jeans, something like shirts or electronics would work if the camera move is there.
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    kk5hy 24 Aug 2012 19:09
    Those are some great shots but with the amount of logos to deal with inside of a store they would be hard to get.
    I don't have much of what you are asking for but I have people shopping outside of a mall.
    Here is a bin of what I have.

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    SachaDale 25 Aug 2012 07:48
    I'm in hong kong so have a lot of shots of shopping centers ect.. hit me up with a message if you want me to film any special shots for you ...