production music needed asap

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    sultanmakende 8 Nov 2011 18:03
    might not be quite right mood wise, but is wierd and has some tension, but more importantly, features a real Gamelan oechestra, which is Indonesia's national instrument :-)
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    joesacco 30 Apr 2012 23:19
    Check out my portfolio. Almost 100 tracks in my catalogue. I think you might find something you like.
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    galarecords 4 May 2012 06:55
    conract me or see my portfolio
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    MaxFax 3 Jun 2012 10:18
    Hi youseehim!
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    Louise_Tremblay 6 Sep 2012 19:15
    check out my tracks,thxs
  • hwangchops avataradmin
    hwangchops 13 Sep 2012 15:40
    @sultanmakende - did you find what you were looking for? If so, did this forum help? Let us know how we can improve it next time around.

    Chris (Bus Development & Operations at Pond5)