Sony NEX FS700 - 4k

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    markoconnell 15 Oct 2012 03:23
    The Aurora shots are looking good. Understand your point on trying to get real time as opposed to time lapse.

    Special 4k recorder required? $2500-? Ouch. Leave it to Sony. I still can't get over the price of SxS cards. Astronomically higher then other media.
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    dapoopta 15 Oct 2012 16:19
    SxS is such a rip. There are adapters to use sd cards instead... seem to work really well.

    I had a chance to use my metabones adapter and my 24-70 lens yesterday. AMAZING! I love the adapter.
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    Mizamook 27 Oct 2012 08:44
    This is too much fun - who cares if it is freezing out there? (Actually, I didn't notice until I came in!)

    Now how to work with this - what else can I blow up?
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    dapoopta 27 Oct 2012 14:35
    Looks fantastic! How does the codec hold up with all that motion? I have some flames in HDV and they didn't do so well. You still have that external recorder?
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    Mizamook 27 Oct 2012 20:17
    Thanks - it was fun. Probably got about 20 clips from last night's fun. Big mess, too...

    Yep...problem is the PIX doesn't record in 60p.

    So I'm using the 60fps codec to store the 240 and 480 fps burst data. Haven't done tests with the PIX's such a pain.

    I did similar tests with HDV too. Part of the problem wasn't the was the low frame rate (30p)....I could see the frame truncation on the flames, which is one of the reasons I got this camera.

    I'm going to build a set for the next flames....don't hold your breath, but I definitely don't want to waste the effort, and that would be a great time to do multiple shots and definitely see if the PIX yields better image.

    Besides difficulty nailing focus on something that's not there, working alone, it's also difficult getting the camera positioned so it is safe from the nasty fallout!
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    dapoopta 28 Oct 2012 02:24
    Why not do 240fps to 30fps?
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    dapoopta 28 Oct 2012 02:24
    and do you know how to make the camera continuously name the files even if memory cards are switched? all my new cards are 0000.mts hahaha, I have to put them in folders now!
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    Mizamook 28 Oct 2012 03:27
    I just found out that I can't seem to get the recorder to recognize the HDMI when in SSM mode. Wierd, since my FP4 is seeing it. Dang - shoulda got the HD-SDI input device, as apparently it does work on the HD-SDI out. I'll futz with it more later.

    I was having that problem, but got tired of hooking the camera to me a card reader and delete the cards from that. Numbering problems gone. I put my stuff in daily folders anyway, but it does get confusing, especially since once, early on, I accidentally overwrote some clips. No warning, either.
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    dapoopta 29 Oct 2012 23:39
    I take the mem cards out and delete all the clips and put it back in and it keeps starting at 0000.mts

    if I have any file on there like 0300.mts it will start at 0301.mts , kinda annoying :-)
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    Mizamook 5 Nov 2012 04:22
    "Kinda annoying" you say? I agree, but what is really annoying is finding that when in S&Q mode, recording 60fps over 30p, for nice smooth slow motion, and then forgetting it's in that mode and shooting distant mountains, the resultant clip, which "should have" been perfect, exhibits aliasing in the rocky crags (similar situation to where I saw it in BBC's "Frozen Planet" which tells me that it's not just limited to cameras under $10K, and although it "could" be passed off as heat wave distortion and that the average viewer would not really even notice it unless prompted, especially if it was couched in a production with a compelling story, it was still disturbing enough to make me check the B&H return policy.

    Too late.

    At least the area is small enough that a small mask with a slight blur fixes it well enough, but geez.