How long before you got your first sale and with how many tracks?

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    tacomusic 16 Apr 2012 14:05

    Just signed up here - what's the deal with sales? Do you need hundreds of tracks uploaded to get started, or have you found things pick up with just a few?

    Obviously it depends on the quality of the track and demand, but it would be useful to know some of your experiences so as to have realistic expectations.


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    PremiumProductionTracks 23 Apr 2012 13:46
    There's a lot of competition of course, but in the few weeks I've been here I've sold 6 items. Not much but at least there's hope. I notice it's pretty hard to get a lot of views, but the purchase/view relationship seems to be pretty good.
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    pwolke 27 Apr 2012 14:46
    So much will depend on the library of music that you have and that you continue to build. More quality content = better. If you are able to promote the music & effects you sell here, even better. I find that the more regularly I upload new content, the more frequent my views, cart adds and sales do.

    My experiences on Pond5 have been great! I'm a member for less than a year now. Super fast inspetion times, lots of great upload features and options, and the lack of higher royalties from being exclusive on other sites is more than made up for in the increased sales here.
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    galarecords 1 May 2012 07:53
    I am just waiting for my firs sale :S
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    MaxFax 28 May 2012 23:27
    I am also a beginner and I am waiting my first sale!
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    FxProSound 1 Jun 2012 21:38
    Hello guys and good luck!
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    sunlightsounds 23 Sep 2012 15:49
    I don't remember how long it took for me to get my first sale, but I've had about 21 sales in around a year, from only having 11 clips total uploaded. The weird thing is all my sales except one have come from one track. I can't figure out why one track has gotten so much attention and the others haven't. Maybe it's in the right category or something. Anyway, I intend to upload more music over time. I enjoy composing, and having a place to sell is just a bonus.
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    sweetwaveaudio 25 Sep 2012 15:04
    Hey all. I just signed up last night. Uploaded a few tracks to the review queue so let the fun and games (or frustration!) begin. Hello to Tacomusic also. Thats a name I recognise!
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    MuscoSound 27 Sep 2012 13:14
    welcome to pond5 sweetwaveudio
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    Sonic_Media_Design 13 Jan 2013 16:23
    Hello Friends

    I also signed up a few days ago and let's see what we can expect here regarding sales (non so far).

    Greetings Daniel

    p.s. Some might now me under SonicCube better than Sonic Media Design