Form: Prelude
Instrument: Piano
Period: Romantic
Performer: Vadim Chaimovich
Title: Prelude no. 20 'Chord' from Preludes, Op. 28
The Prelude no. 20 was nicknamed funeral march by Hans von Bülow, as Chopin did not usually use evocative names for his pieces. Brief, with slow majestic chord in the right hand it has been also called the Chord Prelude. It was originally written in two sections of four measures, although Chopin later added a repeat of the last four measures at a softer level, with an expressive swell before the final cadence. It was Used as a theme for variations by Ferruccio Busoni, and later, without the repeated bars, by Rachmaninoffin in his Variations on a Theme of Chopin, a set of 22 variations in a wide range of keys, tempos and lengths. The whole Op. 28 was dedicated to Camille Pleyel in its French edition, and to Joseph Christoph Kessler in the German edition.

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Chopin - Prelude No. 20 From Op. 28

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