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Florida Folksong - Blackem Boogey

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A Conch song learned in the Bahamas. This song is about a man who lived all his life in the Bahamas without telling his name. Even when he grew up and married and had children, no one knew what his name was. Every day when the man went to the well to draw water, he would look at his reflection in the well and would sing the first two lines of the song. His children would stand behind him and when they heard him sing the first two lines, they would sing the third line, and he replied with the last line. The singer, an 84-year-old blind man, was born in the Bahamas and emigrated to Florida ca. 1911. The term "Conch," while now more widely used to refer to a native of Key West, Florida, originally referred to British settlers of the Bahama Islands who later emigrated to South Florida. The unique accent of the Conchs--a mixture of British and Bahamian dialects--interested the WPA fieldworkers as much as the songs and stories related by the Conchs.

Language: English
Duration: 55 Seconds
Performer: : Roberts, Wilbur

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Florida Folksong - Blackem Boogey

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