"Music that invokes an emotional and dramatic world of intrigue and mystery. Unanswered questions creating an atmosphere of tension and expectation. You're on a journey, and the destination is unknown." Alternate versions sometimes evoke different emotions.

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There are 6 versions of this track. To hear all versions search on: Missing Witness (WP-CB). Tempo is medium fast at 136 BPM.

MT  Drums, sequencers, bass, marimba, pizza strings, glock, bells, synths, piano, synth pads
Alt 1 No piano or block
Alt 2 Sequencers and synth pads only
Alt 3 Sequencers only
Alt 4 Synth Mix - no sequencers, drums, or pianos
Alt 5 Thin Electronic Mix with piano

To hear more music like this search my Intrigue collection.

Thanks for listening!

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Missing Witness (Wp-Cb) 02 Alt1 (Intrigue, Mystery, Light Tension, Dramatic)

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