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Whoosh Swoosh To Hit Impact Pack 2 (14 Items) (Trailer, Dynamic, Epic)

High Quality, originality and dynamic transition or movement sound (whoosh, swoosh, sweeps and textures) with Strong and powerfully and epic impact (hit, impacts, drops and kicks) sound effect for creating tension, suspense and focus attention in exciting moments. Good for films, games, trailer, music, multimedia, etc
)Disperse Whoosh To Rumble Impact - 0:05
(2)Extra Fast Swoosh To Horn Impact - 0:05
(3)Fast Low Whoosh to Deep Bass Drop - 0:05
(4)Ghost Whoosh To Double Hit - 0:05
(5)Hissing Whoosh To Deep Hit - 0:04
6)Intro Whoosh To Chaotic Impact - 0:05
7 Low Whoosh To Inverse Impact - 0:05
(8)Metallic Whoosh To Deep Bass Drop - 0:04
(9)Morphing Whoosh To Metallic Hit - 0:06
(10)Rocket Swoosh To Laser Impact - 0:05
(11)Strong Whoosh To Invader Impact - 0:07
12)Thriller Swish To Metallic Deep Impact - 0:05
13Triple Whoosh To Sub Drop - 0:06
14Whoosh To Deep Whistle Impact - 0:05

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Whoosh Swoosh To Hit Impact Pack 2 (14 Items) (Trailer, Dynamic, Epic)

Artikel-Identifikation: 39270649

By: JGaudio

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  1:18 / Stereo / wav / 13.2MB
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