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We offer a simple royalty-free license to cover every usage. Our licenses include worldwide use of our media in perpetuity, with options to add increased legal protection, additional users, and more merchandising. Learn more below.

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Korkeimmat suojan tason

Our standard license includes the most free indemnification in the industry, while our extended licenses offer world-class protection for larger productions.

Options for Collaboration

Are you part of a creative team? An independent freelancer? Our extended licenses offer a range of multi-user options to fit your licensing needs.

Maailmanlaajuinen ja ikuinen

From regional television to global movie releases, our video clips and other media can be used worldwide and without expiration.


Our licenses can be used worldwide and in-perpetuity. Royalties are never owed to maintain your license.*


The highest standard coverage available for individual users


An excellent value for small teams and regional productions


Total protection for all your project and company needs


12K € saakka

209K € saakka

836K € saakka

Käyttäjien määrä




Tuotantojen määrä





Painotuote max. 500K kappaletta

Rajoittamaton printtikäyttö, digitaalinen ja painettu myyntituote

Rajoittamaton printtikäyttö, digitaalinen ja painettu myyntituote

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Tiedoston hinta +125 €
Tiedoston hinta +251 €
* Extended licenses apply to commercial video, images, and illustrations. Editorial, Music, SFX, After Effects, 3D objects, and Public Domain licenses are available with additional seats only. If you purchase a Select Music track, the media may only be used in a single production. Other restrictions may apply; refer to the full license agreement at https://www.pond5.com/fi/lakisopimukset.
If you work with a team or business, from agency to enterprise, we can provide a customized plan for your licensing needs. Give us a call for more info: +1 (855) 410-6789

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