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X-Ray Binary Star Ss433

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x-ray binary star system ss433. artwork of the binary star system ss433, a strong x-ray source. this system comprises a neutron star (upper right) in mutual orbit with a normal star (lower left). the neutron star is extremely dense and its gravity draws gas from its companion. this forms an accretion disc (blue/purple) around the neutron star that emits x-rays as it is heated near the star. two high-speed jets (blue) are emitted from the poles of the neutron star. the jets and disc wobble with a 164-day cycle. the neutron star is thought to be the remnant of a star which exploded around 40,000 years ago, forming the supernova remnant w50, in which this system is located.

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accretion disc, astronomy, astrophysics, bipolar, cosmology, double, jet, jets, neutron star, peculiar, science, space, ss433, star death, stars, stellar, supernova remnant, w50, x-ray binary star