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Pond5 is in the process of creating a new collection of footage captured with ProRes RAW, offering filmmakers the opportunity to license their work to leading global brands and agencies.

Apply to Join the Pond5 ProRes RAW Collection


  • Footage captured with ProRes RAW
  • High production value
  • Professional level cinematography
  • You must fully own the copyright

Requirements for this collection include:

Participating artists will have the opportunity to be prominently featured, earn incremental revenue, and receive free footage-preparation services.

Those selected for the collection will be eligible for:

  • Enhanced Pond5 marketing support in spotlight campaigns
  • Exposure to top global buyers in marketing, production, and media 
  • Increased revenue opportunities through exclusive initiatives

If you’re interested in being considered for this collection, click below to apply!

Need more info about ProRes RAW? Click here.