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Earn on every sale and new referral.

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Industry-Leading Royalties

Our royalty framework rewards you for each sale and adds a bonus when you bring new customers to Pond5.

Earn on Day 1 with Referrals

Bring new customers to Pond5 and earn a commission when they purchase (even if it's not your media!).

Customizable Storefront

Build your brand and grow your audience. Your state-of-the-art storefront helps you highlight your best work and share your portfolio with the world.

Media Types & Royalties

Learn more about the media you can sell on Pond5 and the royalty rates you will earn.

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Non-Exclusive Video Artists

Artists who choose to license their footage on Pond5 and other stock media websites earn a 40% royalty share.

Exclusive Video Artists

Any video artist can go exclusive to earn an industry-leading 60% royalty share. Enjoy extra benefits including:

  • Increased royalty share (up to 90% with referrals)
  • Priority curation and support
  • More flexibility on everything from pricing to reseller programs

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Music Sound effects

Music & Sound Effects

Earn a 35% royalty share for music and sound effects sales. We also offer Pond5 Publishing, an optional free music publishing service that collects performance royalties on your behalf.

Photo camera After effects 3D

Photos, Illustrations, After Effects, & 3D Models

Artists receive a 50% royalty share on photographs, illustrations, 3D models, after effects, and other templates.

Earn with Referrals

All artists earn even more when they refer new customers to Pond5.
Put the entire Pond5 library to work for you.

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Give 20%

When you refer a new customer, they get a 20% discount on their first order.

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Get 20%

And you take home 20% of their first purchase, too!

Keep earning for a full year.

Make a 5% commission on every subsequent purchase your referral makes for a whole year (no matter what they buy!).

Make even more when it's your work.

Earn an additional 10% when your referral purchases your work (A total of 30% on their first purchase, 15% on any subsequent purchases for a whole year).

Royalties + Referrals

Yes, they stack!

Referral commissions are in addition to your royalty share.

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Your Total Payout

Your earning potential as an exclusive footage artist.

Exclusive video artist (60% royalty share)


Refer a new customer that buys your media (30% commission)


Earn 90% of the sale!

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Your Storefront

Instantly make your art accessible around the world.


Highlight your best work. Select your featured media, cover photo, and profile picture. Craft your bio and curated collections.


Your work, social handles, and bio—all on display in a single space. Direct people here to view and purchase your content.

Grow Your Following

Promote your work by adding a link to your storefront in your email signature, Instagram bio, the description of your YouTube videos, and beyond. Use your referral link and get an extra bonus when you refer new customers.

Transparent Earnings, Secure Payments

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Use your dashboard to track sales and referral earnings.

Black tick Monthly Secure Payments

Choose between PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer for secure, electronic payment transfers.

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Additional Resources for You

Artist Portal

Find shoot & music briefs, purchase trends and keywords, requests from buyers, and more.

Dedicated Support

Our team is here 24/7 to help you maximize your success as a Pond5 artist.

Sales teams across the world

With offices across multiple continents and dedicated regional sales teams, we’ll help get your art in front of the right clients.

What Our Artists Are Saying

James Orlowski - Video Artist
"Pond5's Referral Program lets me earn extra income by promoting my work on my website and social channels. Whether the people I refer purchase my media or another artist's, I get paid. It's a win-win!"
James Orlowski ODesigns

Video Artist

Shannon Wild - Exclusive Video Artist
"As a wildlife cinematographer, my content is unique and I want to sell it as such. Being an exclusive Pond5 artist gives me complete control to price my work as I see fit and receive the highest royalty rate in the industry."
Shannon Wild Shannon__Wild

Exclusive Video Artist

Sandeep Bhandari - Music Artist
"Pond5 is an amazing marketplace for creatives to earn income from their art. My work has been used in films, TV shows, advertising, and major digital projects, and the community here has inspired me to write some of my best music."
Sandeep Bhandari ZDay

Music Artist

Your Work is Destined for Greatness

Feature films, video games, documentaries, ad campaigns - see how your art could be used to tell stories around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pond5 free for artists?

Yes! There’s no cost to you to upload your work and start selling on Pond5.

What media types do you accept?

Pond5 accepts footage, music, after effects, sound effects, photos, vectors, illustrations, and 3D models. Find detailed information about each media type on our Contributor Portal.

How do I upload my work?

Read all about uploading, tagging, and pricing your work on our Contributor Portal. You’ll need to create a contributor account and verify your identity with a valid ID before you get started.

How do I get paid?

Select your payout method on your Dashboard, as soon as your balance reaches $25, payment will be made on the 15th of the month. Visit our Contributor Portal to read more about payout dates and methods.

What are royalties?

Royalties are the payment that you take home for each sale. Royalty rates differ based on media type and, in the case of footage, whether or not you are an exclusive artist.

What is licensing?

When you sell on Pond5, you still own your content! Customers purchase a license (basically, permission) to use it in their project.

How will my content be used?

Pond5 has a global client base and sales team working for you—your content could be used for a wide variety of projects around the world, ranging from student films to television series and feature films.

Can I sell my content in multiple places?

Yes, you can sell your content in multiple places, but remember that when you sign up to be a Pond5 contributor, you agree never to offer a lower price for the same item at another marketplace or agency. If you are a Video Artist, you’ll want to check out the benefits associated with our Exclusivity Program (psst, they include a 60% royalty share!)

More questions?

Visit the Contributor Portal or send us an email.