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When you upload your work to sell on Pond5, you decide your own price and earn 50% of every sale.

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With tens of thousands of buyers, Pond5 can connect you
to customers who want your stock video, photography, music,
sound effects, illustrations, and 3D models.

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Keep earning, not wasting time

Once we approve your submitted work,
all you have to do is set the price. There's
no need to manage your uploads, and
we alert you every time you get a sale.

the highest rates

Receive the highest rates

Receive the

In addition to setting your own
prices, you also receive 50% of
every sale - a royality rate several times
higher than the industry standard.

your rights
Retain your rights

All of our agreements are non-exclusive,
leaving you free to distribute your work anywhere you choose.
(As long as their agreements are as flexible as ours!)

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Common questions

Learn more in our FAQ

What are your media upload requirements? Check our knowledge base for specifics on uploading your stock footage, images, illustrations, audio files, AE templates or 3D models.

How much can I make? We look for top-quality content in all categories and genres for our worldwide buyers. If your work fits the bill, there’s no limit to the amount you can earn.

How can I ensure that my work gets approved? Our curators are quite selective, so submit only your best professional-grade works to optimize your chances of acceptance. Also be sure to tag your files as accurately as possible.