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Electric Brain Stimulation Patch Could Treat Ptsd

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By Reuters

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES (RECENT) (REUTERS) RON RAMIREZ, RETIRED U.S. ARMY SERGEANT AND TRIAL SUBJECT, ASSEMBLING DEVICE RAMIREZ PEELING BACKING FROM PATCH RAMIREZ APPLYING PATCH TO HIS FOREHEAD CLOSE OF PATCH ON FOREHEAD RAMIREZ LOOKING AT SCREEN ON DEVICE (SOUNDBITE) (English) DR. ANDREW LEUCHTER, PROFESSOR OF PSYCHIATRY AT UCLA'S SEMEL INSTITUTE FOR NEUROSCIENCE AND HUMAN BEHAVIOR, SAYING: "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a major public health problem. There are a number of treatments for people who suffered a trauma and they're very good treatments. The problem is that even after the best psychological and medical treatment that we have, patients continue to suffer from symptoms for years. What we decided to do was look at a novel kind of treatment for PTSD, a kind of brain stimulation or neuromodulation treatment called trigeminal nerve stimulation or TNS. What we found was that if we use this treatment in patients who already are getting the best treatments available, that we can help them get even more gains. They have, on average a 30 percent reduction in their symptoms and, for the first time in years, sometimes in decades, these patients were getting substantial relief from their symptoms." DR. IAN A COOK, INVENTOR OF TRIGEMINAL NERVE STIMULATION (TNS) FOR NEUROPSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS, WALKING DOWN HALLWAY (SOUNDBITE) (English) DR. IAN A COOK, INVENTOR OF TRIGEMINAL NERVE STIMULATION (TNS) FOR NEUROPSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS, SAYING: "The real challenges had been that people had always associated the trigeminal nerve with pain, such as trigeminal neuralgia. And what we had as an insight, a counter-intuitive insight, is that if we stimulate at certain frequencies, we won't engage the pain fibers and therefore, we can deliver the active stimulation to the brain without it being a painful experience. And that was a really counter-intuitive breakthrough discovery that we had and that's why, I think, this approach hadn't been explored before." COOK HOLDING DEVICE (SOUNDBITE) (English) DR. IAN A COOK, INVENTOR OF TRIGEMINAL NERVE STIMULATION (TNS) FOR NEUROPSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS, SAYING: "So far there are data that encourage the use, not only in epilepsy and depression and now with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but also this seems to be a therapy that's of use in children who have ADHD and people are examining it as a treatment for traumatic brain injury, both in the military context -- people who have had head trauma and brain injury there -- but also now any of the other people who have concussions in sports injuries or motor vehicle accidents. So there are many, many other kinds of brain disorders for which this may prove to be a useful therapy." VARIOUS OF DEVICE IN CASE (SOUNDBITE) (English) RON RAMIREZ, RETIRED U.S. ARMY SERGEANT AND TRIAL SUBJECT, SAYING: "They actually started coming around. That was the biggest clue that something positive was working because they always told me that they could tell to stay away from me by looking at my face. But when they started to come talk to me, that was great. And they actually wanted to be around me. They would sit on my bed and talk to me and tell me to come out, but prior to that, nobody wanted to be around me -- my mom, my kids, nobody."

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