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France: Richard Perle Meets French Parliamentary Members

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By Reuters

(EU) PARIS, FRANCE (20 NOVEMBER 2003) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) 1. SLV/SV EXTERIOR NATIONAL ASSEMBLY (2 SHOTS) 0.11 2. SV/MCU OF RICHARD PERLE AND FRENCH PARLAMENTARY MEMBERS AROUND BREAKFAST TABLE (4 SHOTS) 0.35 3. SV RICHARD PERLE SHAKING HANDS WITH EDOUARD BALLADUR 0.43 4. SV RICHARD PERLE EXCHANGING BUSINESS CARDS WITH PARLAMENTARY MEMBERS 0.49 5. SV RICHARD PERLE AND AXEL PONIATOWSKI WALKING IN THE GARDENS OF THE FRENCH NATIONAL ASSEMBLY 0.56 6. SV RICHARD PERLE SURROUNDED BY JOURNALISTS 1.01 7. MCU (English) RICHARD PERLE SAYING: "I was approached by a private businessman, and I am a private citizen, I don't hold the government's position. And the message I was given was that some specific Iraqis in the intelligence and security service wanted to propose that Iraq would make concessions at the last minute of the 11th hour and these concessions included inviting the U.S. to send troops into Iraq to monitor weapons of mass destruction, the conduct of free elections within 6 to 12 months, and the last point was that Saddam was prepared to make any concessions on oil that we would demand of him." 1.53 8. SV PERLE TALKING TO MEDIA 1.58 9. MCU (English) RICHARD PERLE SAYING: "We had no interest in oil concessions from Iraq, none whatsoever. If we had opened a discussion through some back channel in which one of the topics was oil concessions, you know and I know that the story the next day would have been that we were secretely negotiating to receive concessions with respect to oil, which would have been a lie. So this looked to me -- and I imagine to other Americans analysing the situation -- like a disingenous offer. (Reporter asks: So you had to call Washington at some point?) I did not think I could take it upon myself to say go away. (Reporter: And the answer was?) The answer was that there had been other approaches and it was not necessary to pursue this one. (Reporter: And who did you call in Washington?) Well, that is between me and the person I called." 2.50 10. MCU (English) PERLE SAYING: "Of course we had a big difference on Iraq. Everyone understands that, but there is a larger question and on this it is very interesting to get a variety of views. Is it the policy of Chirac and Villepin to build Europe in opposition to the United States as a counterweight to the United States or are we going to continue our historic partnership ? I hope it is the historice partnership." 3.19 11. SLV RICHARD PERLE AND AXEL PONIATOWSKI WALKING ALONG THE GARDENS OF THE FRENCH NATIONAL ASSEMBLY 3.26 12. MCU (French) AXEL PONIATOWSKI SAYING: "Clearly, the Americans fear that we may build an anti-American Europe. This is what they say, and this is what they fear. We, in turn, tell them that we want to build a strong, powerful Europe which can play a role in the world and be a partner to the United States. A partner, but not a vassal." 3.47 13. SV PERLE AND PONIATOWSKI 3.52 Initials Script is copyright Reuters Limited. All rights reserved
Dateline: 2003

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