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Su Jok Acupuncture Massage Ring Demonstration In Use (Medicine).

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Su Jok Acupuncture Massage Ring Demonstration In Use (Medicine).


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Successful treatment 4k or 4k+ ResolutionFemale physician writing prescription and giving it to patient. Visiting doctor HD FootageProfessional hematologist searching test results on tablet PC, using medical app 4k or 4k+ ResolutionExtreme closeup, woman putting suncream on skin, rubbing legs HD FootageProfessional therapist looking confidently at camera, making thumbs-up gesture 4k or 4k+ ResolutionDoctor taking notes on clipboard, filling medical form, report HD FootageMale physician looking at medicine dropping in IV equipment, doctor nodding 4k or 4k+ ResolutionMale allergist completing medical document on laptop, consulting patient online 4k or 4k+ ResolutionAttentive biracial scientist doing biomedical research, working with microscope 4k or 4k+ ResolutionCardiologist studying patient's heart activity, examining electrocardiogram, EKG HD FootageDoctor typing information from test tube, adding results to medical record, lab 4k or 4k+ ResolutionExtreme close-up hand holding a capsule, medicine and drugs HD FootageNephrologist completing referral form for kidney ultrasound, writing diagnosis 4k or 4k+ ResolutionSick person faints, hand drops pill container, patient dies after medical error HD FootageMale scientist scrolling tablet screen, colleague working with microscope nearby 4k or 4k+ ResolutionHealth care employee showing heart sign with hands, call for charitable donation HD FootageLab assistant removing slide from microscope stage, finishing studying material 4k or 4k+ ResolutionExtreme close up of sad depressed young beautiful woman HD FootageFemale M.D. studying medical documentation on tablet PC, modern technologies HD FootageLaboratory worker with hourglass on palm looking at camera after last sand falls 4k or 4k+ ResolutionWoman doctor typing on laptop keyboard, eating an apple. Healthy way of living HD FootagePhysician fills in prescription form and gives it to patient, office reception HD FootageHead MRI,  surgeon observing skull brain x-ray film, analysis HD FootageAttentive male hematologist typing medical report on laptop, working in office 4k or 4k+ ResolutionImmunologist writing down prescription, diagnosis, keeping medical records 4k or 4k+ ResolutionPhysician consults patient online, chooses medication, makes electronic records HD FootageTherapist in face mask making medicine injection with syringe, vaccination 4k or 4k+ ResolutionMedical worker counting dollar bills, reward for illegal virus development 4k or 4k+ ResolutionWoman wearing medical uniform testing new vaccine, analyzing liquid in tube 4k or 4k+ ResolutionOptician examining man, super close-up of patient's eyes, vision problems HD FootageDoctor counting money, corrupt health-care system, insurance HD FootageProfessional surgeon looking on neck x-ray, making diagnosis, treating patient 4k or 4k+ ResolutionFemale nurse checking dropper with medication, rendering first aid to patient 4k or 4k+ ResolutionGrateful patient and qualified doctor handshake, healthcare services at clinic HD FootageHospital nurse holding stop sign and a cigarette, preventing unhealthy lifestyle 4k or 4k+ ResolutionWoman talking to doctor, physician prescribing medication to patient in clinic 4k or 4k+ ResolutionSu Jok acupuncture massage ring demonstration in use (medicine). 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Kyiv, UKR

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