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Dark-Haired Woman Committing Crime, Stabbing Victim With Knife, Violence, Horror

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Dark-Haired Woman Committing Crime, Stabbing Victim With Knife, Violence, Horror


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Terrible silhouette of death looking at victim, holding sharp scythe in hands HD FootageBloody butcher sharpening chopping knife and preparing for murder, slow-mo HD FootageHands of suffocating victim leaving trace of blood, person suffering from pain HD FootageAncient stone castle in mist, terrible atmosphere, strange old gothic building 4k or 4k+ ResolutionBreathless victim of psychopath behind plastic, pain and fear, cruel murder HD FootageCrazy maniac killer cutting victim with bloody scalpel, human organ trafficking HD FootageSilhouette of dying victim asking for help behind bloody plastic cloth, slow-mo HD FootageTungsten light bulbs illuminating old research laboratory, obsolete technology HD FootageFeet of person convulsing, dying of strangulation, committing suicide by hanging HD FootageRuthless killer approaching victim with axe in hand, terrible nightmare, horror HD FootageTrembling hands of victim convulsing in last struggle, cruel murder, thriller HD FootageManiac mercilessly killing victim, person tormented by terrible pain and fear HD FootageInevitable Grim Reaper shadow looking at sinner from underworld, death anxiety HD FootageWrapped in polyethylene victim pleading for help, convulsing in last struggle HD FootageFly on dirty window, insanitary place with infections, microbes and diseases HD FootagePsycho maniac taking hat off, threatening victim with sharp axe, crazy murderer HD FootagePayphone receiver hanging up in air and falling down, no one around, mystery HD FootageSect fanatic making bloody sacrifice, killing victim with axe, deadly ritual HD FootageInsane serial killer murdering victim with axe, terrible nightmare, slow motion HD FootageIllegal human organ trafficking, criminal conducting surgery on kidnapped person HD FootageBlack and white shot of Hadrian's Arch in old documentary movie. Athens, Greece HD FootageBloody Grim Reaper with scythe retreating, taking victims souls to hell, horror HD FootageCrazy maniac calling by phone, remains silent to intimidate or scare victim 4k or 4k+ ResolutionInevitable death shadow coming to punish humankind for sins by wars and diseases HD FootageHelpless fly searching for way out from dirty glass captivity, isolated insect HD FootageTime lapse of mist covering old stone church on mountain, mysterious atmosphere 4k or 4k+ ResolutionBloody scalpel in hands of cruel maniac, person enjoying committed murder HD FootageCreepy maniac committing bloody murder, killing victim with axe, scary nightmare HD FootageDying silhouette of victim, creepy scene of murder, horror, slow-motion HD FootageBlack and white shot of ancient Greek or Roman architecture design, old movie HD FootageVictim of heartless butcher pleading for help, writing message with own blood HD FootageHand of desperate victim leaving blood trace, person pleading for help HD FootageHelpless victim of serial killer dying behind plastic cloth, thriller, slow-mo HD FootageTerrible shadow of Grim Reaper with scythe turning to camera, risk of death HD FootageDeath shadow creeping to victim, bloody war or disease epidemic killing people HD FootageScared young woman running away from dangerous killer attacking her with axe HD FootageUnstoppable Grim Reaper carrying sharp scythe to punish evil-doers, horror film HD FootageBloody fingerprints of dying victim on plastic, cruel psycho killing person HD FootageMysterious haunted castle, church on top of mountain hidden in fog, horror film 4k or 4k+ ResolutionSilhouette of death walking away, sick person recovering from disease, survival HD FootageGrim Reaper shadow turning in profile, victim escaping from death, scary movie HD FootageMist covering mountains timelapse, weird place, mysterious atmosphere, thriller 4k or 4k+ ResolutionEvil spirit moving away and disappearing, serial killer victim surviving attack HD FootageOminous bird sitting on roof of old decaying building, horror film, bad omen HD FootageTerrible atmosphere, black bird flying away from scary building, horror film HD FootageMentally deranged person injuring themselves with a piece of glass and bleeding HD FootageIvy leaves on brick wall, autumn season, sadness and melancholy, loneliness HD FootagePsycho holding a piece of broken glass in hand, maniac enjoying view of blood HD FootagePOV of person hiding in dark alley, planning to commit a crime, robbery, theft 4k or 4k+ ResolutionFeet of depressed person committing suicide by hanging, psychological crisis HD FootageVictim of serial killer writing help message with own blood, losing hope HD FootageDying victim with bloody hands behind plastic, scary horror film, slow-motion HD FootageSilhouette of inevitable death with scythe, life of senior person coming to end HD FootageSilhouette of brave wild West sheriff tipping his hat to gangster before duel HD FootageNightmarish horror scene sequence, blood-chilling images, scary creatures, ghost HD FootageTerrified victim of mentally deranged serial killer pleading for help, horror HD FootageSerial homicidal maniac sharpening his bloody ax before night hunting of victims HD FootageLaundry on balcony, stormy weather and rain outside, hurricane approaching HD FootageHands of psychopath covered in blood, sharpening ax, preparing for cruel murder HD FootageMalicious dwarf silhouette in hat cutting something with sharp axe, nightmare HD FootageCreepy death silhouette walking slowly with sharp scythe, collecting war victims HD FootageGrim Reaper with scythe turning back, walking away to give victim second chance HD FootageDeath silhouette came to take terminally ill person, creepy Grim Reaper shadow HD FootageClouds of smoke in floodlight lights, horror thriller atmosphere HD FootageDangerous maniac threatening to murder victim with axe, crazy serial killer HD FootageVictim of serial killer asking for help, human shadow behind bloody plastic HD FootagePainful lingering death of serial killer victim, person suffocating, suffering HD FootageMysterious haunted building in horror movie, scary ancient stone construction HD FootageHands of contract killer or bank robber counting money paid for committing crime 4k or 4k+ ResolutionSilhouette of male burglar secretly escaping from crime scene, home security HD FootageUgly gadfly rubbing its forelegs on dirty window glass, disease infected insect HD FootageCriminal in black gloves counting bundle of money earned for committing crime 4k or 4k+ ResolutionClouds of smoke in floodlight lights, horror thriller atmosphere HD FootagePayphone receiver swinging in space, unfinished phone call, criminal affair HD FootageRobber waiting for victim in dark archway at night, crime scene, suspicious man 4k or 4k+ ResolutionVictim of cruel killer convulsing in agony, suffocating, suffering from pain HD FootageScary death silhouette in gown holding scythe, terrible Grim Reaper nightmare HD FootagePossessed person squeezing a piece of glass in hand, psycho and suicide, slow-mo HD FootageCruel executioner shadow killing victim with axe, carrying out death sentence HD FootageShadow of man in gown killing victim with scythe, cruel maniac committing murder HD FootageBloody victim's hand pleading for help before cruel death, agony, despair HD FootageBloody killer sharpening knife, psychopath preparing for crime, slow-motion HD FootageGadfly cleaning wings and smell receptors, sitting on dirty window of old house HD FootageMysterious shadow of Grim Reaper putting scythe down, blood-chilling death HD FootageVertical pan shot of ancient Greek architecture landmark, black and white film HD FootageDirty insect sitting on window at abandoned building, poverty and helplessness HD FootageHelpless victim of maniac pleading for help, leaving traces of blood, despair HD FootageKiller with bloody hands sharpening murder weapons, preparing to kill again HD FootageVictim silhouette behind plastic, terrible murder, kidnapping, slow-motion HD FootageFresh raindrops trying break into stuffy apartment through dirty window glasses HD FootageSilhouette of dangerous killer approaching victim with axe in hand, murderer HD FootageOminous Grim Reaper silhouette came to take murdered victim soul, scary thriller HD FootageCruel serial maniac shadow killing victim with axe, inflicting mortal wounds HD FootageContract killer calling client to receive instructions about murder victim 4k or 4k+ ResolutionCruel surgeon in cold blood ripping organs out of still alive patient to profit HD FootageGirl walking in park, mentally ill insane killer following victim with sharp axe HD FootageWoman victim running away from aggressive murderer who chasing her with iron bar HD FootageCold-blooded killer sharpening butcher knife obsessed with idea of mass murder HD Footage

Silhouettes of angry beasts waving paws in darkness, wild supernatural creatures HD FootageScary silhouette moving in strange funny manner, insane person 4k or 4k+ ResolutionClose up of scary monster with grimace on face, cannibal wants to bite victim HD FootageInsane maniac looking at bloody murder weapon after killing victim, axe closeup HD FootageBloodthirsty creatures stretching hands to catch victim, zombie attack in city HD FootageScary creatures waking up in dark backstreet, zombie invasion, horror film HD FootageScary shadows of terrible monsters moving on wall of old building, nightmare HD FootagePOV of person hiding from terrible zombies returning to underworld at sunrise HD FootageCloseup of terrible vampire face with bloody wound near mouth, dangerous monster HD FootageGuy in zombie suit smiling, offering free hugs to people in street, freak show HD FootageScared male teenager hiding behind old brick building, looking out cautiously HD FootageMale with bat walking in darkness, street fight at night, robbery with violence HD FootageCrazy maniac enjoying view of bloody axe after murdering victim in forest HD FootageScary dark staircase, flashes of light at night, horror film HD FootageFunny guy with zombie makeup on face standing in street with free hugs sign HD FootageDangerous monster escaping from underworld, demonic creature running dark street HD FootageMan participating in fight during violent riot in night city street, gang attack HD FootageScary male zombie making uncontrolled attacking moves, addict hallucinating HD FootageFeet of crazy killer, murderer with bloody axe after victim's corpse dissection HD FootageTerrible medieval building with stone walls hidden in fog. Mystical atmosphere 4k or 4k+ ResolutionSuspicious young man spying on someone, hiding from bullies, escape from home HD FootageWild monster drinking blood from victim's dead body, vampire attack, horror film HD FootageShadow of psycho maniac chopping at victim with axe, blood-chilling thriller HD FootageWoman with scary makeup looks innocently into camera, makes aggressive grimace HD FootageActor with zombie makeup on face having fun, making scary grimaces into camera HD FootageHand of furious gangster bleeding, murderer enjoying view of victim's blood HD FootageCrazy murderer dropping axe in pool of blood, leaving crime scene, horror film HD FootageBlack and white mysterious haunted castle standing on foggy top of mountain 4k or 4k+ ResolutionMysterious silhouette with hands up and down, person in stress 4k or 4k+ ResolutionHorrible female killer holding bloody axe in hands, looking fiercely at victim HD FootageCruel murder in shower, dead body of man falling down 4k or 4k+ ResolutionMany monsters stretching bloody hands up, trying to escape from captivity HD FootageScary nightmare about terrible monsters trying to catch victim with bloody hands HD FootageBloody murder weapon, crazy serial maniac cutting victim's body with sharp axe HD FootageTerrible female zombie looking aggressively into camera, scary bloody vampire HD FootageActress playing role of crazy murderer, chopping with bloody axe at victim HD FootageHuman hand convulsing in pool of blood, crazy psycho maniac dissecting victim HD FootageDangerous female vampire with bloody injury on face looking fiercely at victim HD FootageYoung female possessed by demon, ritual of expelling evil spirit, exorcism HD FootageZombie invasion in city, hypnotized creatures walking street, horror movie HD FootageBloody hand of crazy sect fanatic after offering ritual, murderer dissects body HD FootageSilhouette of human hands in darkness, killer's hopeless victim begging for help HD FootageCoroners covering dead human body with plastic bag, police at murder scene HD FootageDangerous psycho murderer drags bloody axe from crime scene, crazy serial killer HD FootageSilhouettes of scary creatures trying to reach victims, zombie attack, nightmare HD FootageSouls of dead people smearing blood on transparent surface, scary horror film HD FootageBloody hands of supernatural creatures stretch towards victim, zombie invasion HD FootageHungry female with scary makeup on face enjoying burger, fastfood addict HD FootageStrange dark silhouette, desperate person, paranormal phenomenon 4k or 4k+ ResolutionYoung female screaming, making aggressive grimace into camera, playing monster HD FootageTwo scary zombies wandering in darkness, hiding from lights, haunted building HD FootageDangerous male creature walking stealthily along brick wall of old building HD FootageFeet of crazy killer walking at night, injured man with bat limping in darkness HD FootageMan with scary makeup on face stretching hands, looking fiercely into camera HD FootageHands of evil creatures making scary gestures in air, frightful horror film HD FootageGloomy brick building seen at the end of dark tunnel, abandoned strange place HD FootageZombie invasion in city, crazy monster threatening to bite victim, showing teeth HD FootageDead woman lying in dark street, crime scene, unconscious victim of accident HD FootageDangerous monster biting dead victim, drinking human blood, looking into camera HD FootageShadow of serial killer with murder weapon, maniac chopping dead body with axe HD FootageDark silhouette of person trying to escape from crazy maniac, victim needs help HD FootageHuman silhouettes behind transparent film stretching hands, scary nightmare HD FootageScary brick wall with immured windows, complete isolation, mental health clinic HD FootageAggressive female maniac threatening victim with sharp axe, crazy serial killer HD FootageMany bloody hands of cruel monsters shaking, awaking fear, demon invasion HD FootageHorror film, dark shadow of killer beating victim with murder weapon, nightmare HD FootageMan in despair seeking help, no way out of problem 4k or 4k+ ResolutionMad maniac with scary makeup murdering victim with sharp axe, horror movie HD FootageWild monster gnawing human arm, vampire invasion, blood-chilling horror movie HD FootageCoroners put unidentified human corpse in plastic bag, forensic investigation HD FootageMale and female teenagers with scary makeup on faces kissing at Halloween party HD FootageTerrible serial killer dragging axe covered with blood in park, murder weapon HD FootageInsane serial killer chopping victim with axe, dangerous bloodthirsty murderer HD FootageSilhouettes of people infected with dangerous disease isolated from the world HD FootageDefocused female face approaching camera, woman possessed by demon, nightmare HD FootageAncient brick building with old windows and ominous birds sitting on the roof HD FootageWild zombies wake up at night, wander dark city streets in search for victims HD FootageMan clenching fist fiercely, blood running down male hand, offering ritual HD FootageTeenage guy running fast in desolate backstreet, victim escaping from bullies HD FootageCruel serial murderer enjoying his reflection in mirror, bloody hand of killer HD FootageHands of hostages stretching up hopelessly, gray sky seen through prison bar HD FootageScary closeup of fierce female monster, bloody mouth of terrible creature HD FootageMad man in military uniform beating somebody with bat, street riot participant HD FootageMad woman with bloody murder weapon looking at victim, crazy maniac with axe HD FootageHopeless addicts hallucinating after drug overdose, sitting in dark backstreet HD FootagePerson facing dead end, choosing between risk and inactivity, old brick wall HD FootageBloodthirsty female vampire drinking blood from dead body, monster biting victim HD FootageCrazy monster in terrible nightmare, mad face of male zombie with wild grimace HD FootageSilhouettes of scary monsters behind transparent film, lost souls in hell HD FootageBlood-chilling view of sharp axe covered with victim's blood after murder HD FootageTwo horrible creatures limp along brick wall, human beings infected with virus HD FootageRack focus shot of old rusty forged gate in desolate yard of ancient building HD FootageDebris in destroyed city during war, abandoned building with broken window HD FootageScary zombie threatening to kill victim with axe, looking furiously into camera HD FootageBlood-chilling shadow of killer's hand threatening victim with axe, horror film HD FootagePsycho wearing ragged bloody white suit wandering in darkness, human trafficking HD FootageBlood dripping down sharp axe, animal slaughter house, crazy murderer's weapon HD FootageTerrible medieval building with stone walls hidden in fog. Mystical atmosphere HD Footage

Single woman sitting near pool at sunset. Summer, magic hour HD FootageBlond woman having problems, drinking lots of red wine, divorce, depression HD FootageYoung beautiful lady posing for camera on bridge, sweet sadness HD FootageSingle woman sitting near pool at sunset. Summer, magic hour HD FootageDepressed lady calling husband and drinking glass of red wine, family fight HD FootageLonely businesswoman sitting in office, drinking wine and thinking about life HD FootageUnpleased male looking in the mirror, crisis and dissatisfaction, close-up HD FootageSad girl embarrassed about her cellulite body and excess weight, health problem 4k or 4k+ ResolutionDepressed overweight girl viewing her reflection up and down, crying desperately HD FootageDark silhouette of woman watching sunset, sunrise. Hair waving in wind. Mystery 4k or 4k+ ResolutionUpset young man having bad memories, sinking into depression, broken heart HD FootageWoman getting all her strength together and saying goodbye forever to boyfriend 4k or 4k+ ResolutionYoung man suffering emotional crisis in park, close up shot of sharp barbed wire HD FootageLonely sad man drinking coffee, sitting near cold brick wall, facing obstacles HD FootageMarried couple deciding to sell their business because of difficulties and debts 4k or 4k+ ResolutionConfused young man hiding in deserted backstreet after quarrel with parents HD FootagePretty blond female smiles in park on bench, looks HD FootageEmotions of upset young man crying in hysterics, hurt by broken relationship HD FootageTroubled woman standing near night club and suffering from headache, drunk lady 4k or 4k+ ResolutionSad woman talking on the phone with boyfriend, relationship problems, sorrow 4k or 4k+ ResolutionMournful girl standing alone on street, drinking tea and thinking about someone HD FootageSilhouette of young lonely female watching sunset, sunrise. Beautiful pink sky 4k or 4k+ ResolutionMother-to-be sitting on sofa and feeling stomach, looking worried, discomfort HD FootagePensive sad man holding paper cup of hot tea, standing in street alone, thinking HD FootageBeautiful girl turned away from boyfriend in bed, couple fight HD FootageSerious thoughtful African American man looking into future, face close-up 4k or 4k+ ResolutionDrunk young ladies hugging and having heart talk at nightclub party, friendship 4k or 4k+ ResolutionLonely boy wandering on roof of abandoned building, transitional age crisis HD FootageYoung woman on roof top thinking of suicide, depression, hopelessness, despair HD FootageMan looking at his mirror reflection with hatred and shame, feeling guilty 4k or 4k+ ResolutionDepressed man drinking coffee outdoors and having troubles at work. Sadness HD FootageChubby teenager eating donuts in front of mirror almost crying at her reflection HD FootageDepressed young woman standing near fence with moving traffic HD FootageMacro view of surprised female eyes, beautiful girl saw something frightening HD FootageSad woman thinking about problems, divorce, looking exhausted HD FootageLonely brunette wrapping herself in scarf, looking at ocean waves. Windy weather HD FootageArtistic young man sitting alone in desolate place, painting or writing poetry HD FootageBack view of depressed young man sitting alone outdoors, having sad thoughts HD FootageYoung pretty girl in love, emotions, feelings, sweet sadness HD FootageSincere female friend hugging and talking to sad young lady at party, compassion 4k or 4k+ ResolutionUpset female in bed next to her partner, relationship crisis HD FootageAnnoyed young man talking on cellphone, negative emotions, relationship problems 4k or 4k+ ResolutionBored student reading bad news on tablet, alone in cafe HD FootageHopeless young man drinking alcohol, has no faith in future, severe depression HD FootageLonely depressed woman looking at stormy sea, thinking of suicide. Broken heart 4k or 4k+ ResolutionPensive young woman drinking hot coffee on the street, night city, loneliness HD FootageAttractive woman thinking of suicide on bridge, broken-hearted HD FootageDoubtful young man uncertain about signing document, starting risky business 4k or 4k+ ResolutionSad female drinking tea, unpleasant situation. Woman divorcing her husband HD FootageHorizontal panorama of stormy sea and beautiful lonely woman standing on beach 4k or 4k+ ResolutionAsian girl drinking tea and relaxing after hard workday, thinking about life HD FootageEyes macro view, emotional female having problems. Sadness and depression HD FootageMan leaving half empty bottle in old park, choosing sober life without alcohol HD FootageUpset teenager drinking alcohol from bottle in park, suffering from depression HD FootageDepressed lady sitting upset at party, supportive female friend hugging her 4k or 4k+ ResolutionUpset teenager about to commit suicide by jumping from roof, changing his mind HD FootageLife's best moments, young female smiling enjoying, happiness HD FootageSilhouette of young lonely female watching sunset, sunrise. Beautiful pink sky HD FootagePretty woman reading in park, lonely and scared, broken heart HD FootageFemale silhouette enjoying view of pink sky at sunset, holding scarf in the wind 4k or 4k+ ResolutionMale houseowner checking mail and bills, thoroughly counting cost of utilities 4k or 4k+ ResolutionLonely woman recalling memories, thinking about future. Amazing view of sea town 4k or 4k+ ResolutionPretty woman with sadness in eyes talking on phone, break-up, disappointment 4k or 4k+ ResolutionSad unhappy young female sits in park on bench problems HD FootageYoung woman at home suffering headache, PMS, health problem HD FootageDepressed young man remembering break-up, sad male face, problems, nightlife 4k or 4k+ ResolutionCompassionate young woman supporting upset female friend at nightclub party 4k or 4k+ ResolutionDrunk young man drinking alcoholic beverage from bottle, feeling bad, hangover HD FootageLonely woman on beach, white scarf wrapped around her body. Marine landscape HD FootageFat woman in bathrobe and underwear looking into mirror before taking shower 4k or 4k+ ResolutionYoung woman at home suffering headache, PMS, health problem HD FootageSingle woman sitting near pool at sunset. Summer, magic hour 4k or 4k+ ResolutionPoor man drinking from paper cup with tears on face, eyes shining with hope HD FootageGirl hearing terrible news and smoking cigarette. Depression and sadness HD FootageBeautiful brunette female under tree, upset woman sitting alone on green grass 4k or 4k+ ResolutionUnhappy young woman feeling sad and depressed, keeping back tears, memories HD FootageWoman feeling cold, coughing, measuring temperature. Health problems and care HD FootageDepressed African-American male sitting in the gym and thinking about problems 4k or 4k+ ResolutionBeautiful woman with naked shoulders looking at sea, relax at resort, panorama HD FootagePregnant woman crying on couch, drying tears with tissues, hormonal disorder HD FootageWoman looking at her body after weight loss surgery, aspiring to become slim 4k or 4k+ ResolutionDepressed man reading bad news on laptop, male having financial problems 4k or 4k+ ResolutionCurved lady crying and blaming herself for eating too much and becoming fat 4k or 4k+ ResolutionDefocused silhouette of sad seminary student looking around in deserted place HD FootageTeenager sick after drinking too much alcohol, depressed guy lying on bench HD FootageYoung couple having a fight on street at evening time, relationship difficulties 4k or 4k+ ResolutionBlond woman experiencing emotional pain. Frustration and sadness, melancholy HD FootageGirl carefully examining her reflection in mirror, fully accepting oversize body 4k or 4k+ ResolutionSad beautiful woman thinking about life, autumn depression, love HD FootageCloseup view of emotional woman crying. Bad mood, depression and melancholy HD FootageMan studying in library, reading French book, learning process HD FootageBeautiful brunette in romantic mood standing on beach, enjoying windy weather 4k or 4k+ ResolutionBlond woman having headache, nervous breakdown at work.  Stress and problems HD FootageBlonde suffering from headache. Beautiful housewife having strong pain. Health HD FootagePrison inmate sitting alone in jail exercise yard, captive waiting for release HD FootageHorizontal panorama of beautiful lonely woman on sea shore, hair waving in wind 4k or 4k+ ResolutionJealous guy talking to girlfriend near night club, relationships, disagreement 4k or 4k+ ResolutionSad melancholic woman drinking wine and sending a text message to her beloved HD Footage

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Halloween, aggression, aggressive, anger, angry, attack, blade, crazy, creepy, crime, criminal, cruel, cutter, danger, dangerous, dark, death, demon, evil, fear, female, girl, hand, hold, horror, kill, killer, knife, mad, madness, maniac, monster, murder, murderer, murderess, night, nightmare, possessed, psycho, psychosis, scary, sharp, silhouette, spooky, stab, stabbing, violence, weapon, wicked, woman

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