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Seamless Looping
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Russell Edward Bell
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3 Aug 2013


This is an evocative and optimistic piece. It conjures up peaceful yet positive energy for a new beginning, a brand new day. It has a serene and unifying texture perfect for corporate requirements and a broad range of uses due to its contemporary nature.


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  • sender
    30 Aug 2015
    TheLightworkers - that is totally unfair!!! You sent me a personal message quite some time ago and i clearly and willingly said if you direct me to the case you had opened with you tube, that i would assist you in any way i can.

    i have NO restrictions for usage on you tube. If you want me to assist you, give me the URL to the case you have open, i will happily inform you tube you have full permission to use this music.

    As i sent to you via PM before. Ill state it again, im more than willing to help in any way.
    you didnt reply to me so thats your problem.
    Posting this is just sour grapes and below the belt.
  • sender
    30 Aug 2015
    Please be careful!! I purchased this song and the licence and now I got severe problems on YouTube for using it! The song producer don't allow you to use it, the licence is for nothing!
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