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Beautiful Piano And Strings

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Seamless Looping
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Josh Kramer
Josh Kramer
Logic Pro
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15 Apr 2014


A beautiful and emotional track with piano and orchestral strings. Perfect for all visual media, film/tv, adverts, youtube videos, any project which needs an inspirational underscore.

Check my portfolio for more tracks like this.

IMPORTANT: If you use this for broadcast, please register the title on the cue sheet as "Careful Hearts".



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  • 14 Aug 2015
    I take back what I previously stated. There was an error on Youtube's side of things, which led me to believe it was the content creator. His music is wonderful and there are no problems.

    p.s. I would just delete the earlier comment, but i cant find a way to.
  • 1 Aug 2015
    This song is not monetized by me Bartdawg. The video on youtube contains art that is owned by someone else, therefore that copyright holder has monetized the video. This song, however, will not cause any copyright claims as long as you show youtube the proper license purchased from this site, AND as long as your video contains no other material that a 3rd party can claim. Sorry you had an issue but it's not really fair to post your concern here trying to discredit me.
  • 1 Aug 2015
    This creator takes his songs on youtube and monetizes them for himself. He does not remove the copyright claim. It is dispicable. This is a ROYALTY FREE MUSIC SIGHT.
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