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Meanwhile a majority of todays jazz pianists spent their youth in music conservatories
playing Bach fugues,Andrej's musical education in the late eighties was
hard core,punk and heavy metal garage bands.
With the arrival of nineties he
left his native Slovakia and after couple of years of nomadic street busking period
he settled down in New York City .There besides struggling to get attention on the scene
with a few rock bands he started to compose and produce his
musical ideas in his home studio and sneaked into the piano rehearsal rooms
of NYC music schools to practice boogie-woogie.
His dance and electronic music influences also might be
attributed to this exciting period and of course the HipHop and Reggae which were an unescapable
soundtrack of life in Harlem and Brooklyn .
In the 2000 he relocated to Barcelona played in an cover band, worked as dj and produced music for local artists.
In the past eight years Andrej's been living in the south of Spain
spending his time between his family,jazz piano gigs and his music production studio
with a growing selection of musical instruments composing and producing music for tv,film and multimedia.
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