Adobe Premiere Pro Add-On

Edit Quicker,
Work Smarter

Put millions of HD and 4K videos and music files at your fingertips without disrupting your workflow. With the new and improved free Pond5 Add-on for Adobe Premiere, you'll save time, stay on budget, and become a post-production hero.

Download For Free
Supercharged search with advanced filters like FPS and Resolution.
Instantly replace comps with hi-res files when you're ready.
Includes 50 free pre-selected high-quality videos to try out (a $1000 value).
How To Install
Step 1
Click Download Now to go to the Adobe Exchange® marketplace, where you can download the free Add-on.
Step 2
In Adobe Premiere Pro, select the "Window" menu, choose "Extensions", and select the Add-on.
Step 3
Try the 50 free high-quality videos we've included in the Add-on, or use search to find clips and add them directly to your timeline!
Al Mooney
Al Mooney
"Adobe is pleased to partner with Pond5 to offer easy access to fantastic, royalty-free stock media"
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