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© 2014 Stephen M. Deibler, D.V.M.

Company NameDeibler Outdoors, L.L.C.
Member Since7 Feb 2010
As seen on TV, Movies, and Elsewhere:
** Smithsonian Museum Of Natural History, Hall of Bones, 18 clips of Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
** Savannah - Movie 2013 Duck Footage 5 clips
** Goin Green - Movie 2013 Turkey and Boys Hunting Footage
** Kicks Choke Commercial (Duck Footage)
**(DOTV Whitetail Deer HDV 52-30) SCI Commercial for 2013 Annual Convention airing during Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures Outtakes Bloopers Episode on The Outdoor Channel.
**(DOTV Alligator Jump HDV 17-48) The Learning Channel's TV Special "My Kid Survived" The Nadia Bloom story - Lost in Florida Swamp
**(DOTV Gobbler Strut HDV 33-52) children's educational wildlife series
PBS Wild Kratts(Kratt Brothers) episode about courtship displays
**(DOTV Buck Walking HDV 02-05) "Wild Ear" Commercial airs during Yeti's Ultimate Hunts on The Sportsman Channel.
**(DOTV Pheasant Hunter HDV 47-29 and Archer Hunter HDV 65-14) as seen in the IBEW Union commercial during Brotherhood Outdoors on The Sportsman Channel.
**(DOTV Four Strutters HDV 109-05 and DOTV Two Gobblers HDV 109-06)Everybody's Shootin Winchester Commercial 2011 during RNT-V hunting show on The Sportsman Channel and NWTF's Turkey Call on Pursuit (Hunt) Channel
**(DOTV Coyote Female HDV 108-12) Bass Pro Shop's King of Bucks episode 53 on the Outdoor Channel

Videographer - Stephen M. Deibler, D.V.M.,has been qualified as an expert witness in the fields of 1)Professional Videography and 2) Veterinary Medicine by the Superior Courts of Georgia. Stephen M. Deibler, DVM resides in Dacula, Georgia. He is a practicing Veterinarian, focusing on small animal and exotic medicine in the north metro Atlanta area. Graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. He has hunted, fished, and filmed across North America traveling from Alaska to Quebec to the Florida Keys. Harvested multiple Big game species, many with archery equipment. Including Alligator, Antelope, Black Bear, Caribou, Ducks/Geese, Elk, Mule deer, Pheasant, Turkey, Whitetail Deer, and Wild Boar. Also has fished across North America for most species both fresh and saltwater. Favorite place is Alaska. 2nd favorite is the Florida Keys. Enjoys hosting trips to new, little visited places. Has a simple motto " Hunt, Fish and Film among Friends".

Videographer - David Simmons resides in Yatesville, Georgia with his wife of 30 years, Christy. Has son, Allen, Daughter-in-law, Amber, and Granddaughter Madi Grace. Retired from the state of Georgia, currently works for Lamar County. Has hunted, fished, and filmed with Deibler Outdoors across North America from Alaska to the Florida Keys and many stops in between. Harvested multiple Big Game species, many with archery equipment. An official Pope and Young Scorer (archery) and Long Hunters Society (muzzleloader). Fished for Laketrout in northern Quebec to Saifish in the Florida Keys. Favorite place is anywhere in Alaska. Life's motto adopted from old friend Wade Keys(deceased)- " If your not living on the edge, your taking up too much space! "
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