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Francois Arseneault
LocationVernon, BC, Canada
Member Since1 May 2008
Establishing shots; opening shots; the unique and the minutia of everyday life. Footage is ungraded and awaiting your ideas. Broadcast, Webcast, Corporate, Documentary, Marketing, it's all here. Generous length, ungraded clips, many of the vintage film clips are in the 30 second range giving you flexibility for edit choices.

Subjects: aerial; POV; military; motor-sports; industry; transportation; nature; wildlife; landscapes; oil industry; corporate & business; time-lapse; crashes & wrecks; surreal and abstract; fire; explosions; crime and justice; environmental; sports; food & drink; agriculture; energy; weather; medicine; political; protests; science; religion; technology; travelogue; recreation; lifestyles; driving plates; 240FPS slo-mo; vintage... you’ll find it here. When editing choices matter, you'll find plenty of variety here. Expect something different. Fresh footage weekly.

16mm vintage film via Digital frame scanning.

Locations: Western Canada; Banff; Calgary; rural Alberta; Vancouver; Victoria; Vernon; Kelowna; Revelstoke; Prince George; Tofino; Ucluelet; rural British Columbia; Rocky Mountains; Regina; Saskatchewan; Winnipeg; Toronto, Windsor & Sarnia, rural Ontario; New York City; New Jersey; Washington DC; Chicago; Detroit; Maui; Seattle; coastal Oregon; San Francisco; Bakersfield; Barstow; Daggett; Las Vegas; Panama; Cuba; Puerto Rico; St.Thomas; Mexico; Guatemala; Costa Rica; Manta, Ecuador; Lima, Peru, Santiago, Arica & Coquimbo, Chile; Rome; Straits of Messina; Cairo; Istanbul; Athens; Mykonos; Croatia; Bosnia; Skopje; Macedonia; Pristina; Kosovo and more.

If you're looking for good quality motor-sports footage be it drag racing, stock cars, rally, superbikes, big rigs... you're in the right place. 28 years of SD & HD footage. Plenty of exciting action, 2200+ unique racing clips featuring often wild Drag Racing, Stock Cars, off-road rally cars and even old Can-Am cars challenging various race tracks! You'll find some of the most amazing clips in this portfolio ready for your production.

Military footage is another specialty you'll find here. Overseas deployments, training, infantry, armour, artillery, support units, vehicles, aircraft, dramatic and suitable for production. 1500+ clips available.

HD footage – Gear: Sony NEX FS700 w/10-24mm, 18-252mm, 50-500mm; Sony PMW EX1; Nanoflash; jib; Kenyon gyro; glidecam; motion control dolly; multiple mic kits; FCP edit.

Legacy SD footage – Sony BVW-300 BetaSP 1991-2007; Sony DXC3000 w/VO6800 U-matic 3/4" 1986-1991

Vintage 16mm film, 1500+ clips 1923 to late 1970s: USA; Canada; France; Switzerland; UK; Scotland; Ireland; Northern Ireland; Wales; Puerto Rico; Haiti; Panama; Bahamas; Brazil; Peru; China; Singapore; Colombia; Curacao; Venezuela; Holland; Germany; Denmark; China; Hong Kong; Thailand; Vietnam; Philippines; Finland; Norway; Cuba; Argentina; Tunisia; Italy; Japan; Israel; French Algeria, Rhodesia; India; Malaysia; Sweden; Finland; Iran; Pakistan; Afghanistan; Sri Lanka; Nepal; Mexico.

28 years pro experience and shooting stock footage since 1990.

Broadcast credits: CTV, TSN-HD, Global, Shaw-TV (Canada); History Television (Canada); TV-Tropolis (Canada); NBC (US); TNN (US), Spike (US); Speed (US); MTV (Canada); TVE1 (Spain); Telecinco5 (Spain); NRK (Norway). Plus hundreds of corporate and non-broadcast productions.

Stock credits: 1400+ commercials, features, documentaries and TV shows from Australia to Poland to Japan to Kenya.

From 1986 to date... 22,000+ clips.
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